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Moonlight Stage Productions, an award-winning regional musical theater, is located in the North San Diego suburb of Vista, California. Moonlight Stage Productions offers Broadway musicals under the stars during the summer months in the Moonlight Amphitheater and a diverse line-up of comedies, dramas and small-scale musicals during the winter months in the Avo Playhouse.


We are now accepting Adult Non-Union (San Diego based actor) SUBMISSIONS for:

Anna in the Tropics

303 Main Street
Vista, CA 92084

March 12-March 29, 2015

Carlos Mendoza, Director
Steven Glaudini, Artistic Director


Character Descriptions:

Please pay special attention to age ranges and character descriptions noted below and submit only if you are appropriate for the role.



Santiago is the owner of the cigar factory and the patriarch in his world. Plagued by gambling troubles, Santiago struggles to protect and provide for his wife and two daughters as well as defend the nature of Cuban tradition in his factory. Age: Late 40's early 50's



Santiago's "long-lost" half-brother is more interested in modernizing the cigar factory than in stories told by the factory's new lector. His bitterness, stemming from the fact that his wife left him, is dangerous to everyone in the play. Age: late 30's to early 40's


In Ofelia exists a rare combination of passion and common sense. As Santiago's wife and the matriarch of the factory, she keeps her family from falling apart with a strong and loving touch. Age: Late 40's early 50's



The youngest child of Ofelia and Santiago, Marela is fresh-faced and innocent and allows herself to believe whole-heartedly in the romance of Anna Karenina. Her naivete leaves her vulnerable, however, when she is around those who see the world in a darker way. Age: late teens to early 20's


Marela's older sister finds new life through the lector and his reading of Anna Karenina. She recognizes the predicaments that Tolstoy's characters face and regards the book as a way to gauge her own life. Age: Late 20's early 30's
"I'm just a cigar roller in a factory...I barely get by in life...But with this book I'm seeing everything through new eyes."


Conchita's husband is a straightforward man whose machismo has made him take his wife for granted until she awakens jealousy within him. Age: Late 30's early 40's



Local gangster runs cockfights. Age: Late 30's early 40's
(Palomo doubles up as Eliades).

Juan Julian

The sensitive lector who captivates the dreamers in Santiago's factory and who spreads his own passion for romance and language to those who will embrace it. Ironically, his fair and pleasant-spirited nature brings out intense emotions in all those around him. Age: Late 30's


Submission Instructions:

Please submit your resume, headshot and the role/roles you wish to audition for to:

Deadline for submissions: Monday, October 27. Auditions will be by email invitation only.


Performance & Rehearsal Details:

Rehearsals will begin on Monday, February 9, 2015 and are typically scheduled for weekends from 12:00-6:00 p.m. and week nights from 6:00-10:00 p.m. with Fridays off. (Rehearsal times and dates are subject to change).


Show Schedule: March 12-March 29, 2015
Evening performances are Thursday-Saturday at 7:30p.m. & matinees are Saturday and Sundays at 2:00 p.m.

Location: AVO Playhouse, 303 Main St., Vista, CA 92084



All Non-Equity performers will be hired as temporary employees of the City of Vista during rehearsals and performances. Non-union pay ranges are TBA. Those hired will be required to complete a City of Vista hiring packet and attend a mandatory orientation prior to the first rehearsal in the City of Vista at a date yet to be determined.


To receive our audition announcements via email, please provide your first and last name, and your email address, to:


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